What qualities you need to have to easily get a job as a nanny? Typically, employers give priority to young mothers who returned from maternity leave, as well as everyone from 30 to 50 years. To get the nurse may even women not previously held such a position and have no recommendations.

Independent search

How to get a job as a nanny? You can try to find it without the patronage, by placing an ad on an Internet website under "Services". Naturally, when you have no experience, it's better to look for a job nanny "for an hour" or try to care for babies that require only careful attention. The application shall contain accurate information about yourself, about the attitude to children, their desired age, as well as acceptable graphics and payment.

Employers like it when they see a photo with a child, especially if the comment was added, for example, "I have a nephew who babysit myself" or "My daughter that I care. Such a move immediately creates trust and an inexperienced mom, who just came from maternity leave, the first job offers will come after a few hours.

Employment for patronage

Often to find work as a nanny are friends and acquaintances who can tell you about the families with young children. This option is very promising, because the key to the integrity of the candidate will be oral positive characteristics of personally knowing him. Moreover, the majority of parents will heed the reviews about the sitter from a well known person.

If you called and asked for a meeting, don't be lazy and prepare a summary, even if brief or without previous jobs for this jobs. It is important that the employer has made a General idea about you found out some moments of your life. When meeting you to further discuss your skills and working conditions.

The help of professionals

Nanny with experience, who can directly contact their local employment Agency. Its specialists will offer you several vacancies, however, will take a one-time percentage for their services (from 30 to 50 %), if it is not paid by the employer. You need the entire list of documents to be submitted when applying for a job (CV with photo, copy of passport, diploma, employment and medical books, references, etc).

In the end, you will find yourself in a decent family with a good wage, and all necessary measures to ensure that the employer documents and agreements about conditions of work take upon himself the Agency. By the way, it is now fashionable to invite for the education of their children overseas nanny that can teach a child a foreign culture and language.

Due to the high competition among professional nurses, employers have become very demanding in the selection of candidates. They want the worker to not only look after their children during the day, but also taught them the basics of speech, manners, knew the symptoms of colds, versed in the intricacies of baby food, were offered a choice of educational games. And of course, I have had experience in other families, would be a teacher or a tutor.

Carefully they are eyeing a potential babysitter during the interview. It is important to keep a low profile, not to beat and to brag about achievements in the sphere of work with children competently Express information about themselves and previous jobs. Important role of recommendations, many make the final choice only if available, the summary may not be necessary, especially if you have not required. As for appearance, bright make-up or nail Polish is clearly not welcome, and the clothing no strict requirements: it must be clean, tidy and be easy to care for a child.