You will need
  • - contract with the employee;
  • - additional agreement;
  • - The labour code of the Russian Federation;
  • - staffing;
  • the company's seal;
  • - documents of the organization.
If you change the terms of the agreement, paragraphs, subparagraphs, phrases, paragraphs, additional agreement is made. For example, an employee transferred to another position. Accordingly, changed the Department name, position and working conditions, including remuneration, work. Previously signed an agreement amending the labor contract. Two months later, the employee shall be responsible of combining professions. That is, such specialist is entitled to a fee for the performance of duties in another post.
In the new additional agreement write that the labor agreement in the revised version of the agreement from the date (mention date composed informed agreement) is subject to change. As the title write "About the change of the employment contract as amended by additional agreement dated...". Next, write a paragraph, subparagraph changing. For example: "Paragraph 5.7 of paragraph 5 of the agreement to read as follows ...". Possible following treatment. With the combination of professions entitled to a fee in a fixed amount or a percentage of the salary for the position, which is additional work. The paragraph that defines the amount of remuneration for work write: "In paragraph 8 of the agreement to change the numbers "14700" "19900".
When combining change and working conditions of the employee. Add this to the list of duties a list of job functions that are assigned to the employee. Such a change appears, for example, is: "to Supplement paragraph 4 with the words...". Make a note on the contract that it drafted an additional agreement, specify the date, document number. Note that the agreement is an integral part of the contract. Be sure to write that other clauses of the contract remain unchanged. Enter the date from which the contract with the wording of this agreement comes into legal force.
Additional agreement by verifying the signatures of the employee, Director, printing company. Give one copy to the employee, the pre-fixing details of the agreement in a special book for the registration of such document on receipt. If you lose your copy of the contract or agreement specialist, they prepared a written statement on the basis of which can be re-issued such a document.