You will need
  • - staffing;
  • - documents of the company;
  • - job description;
  • - the form of the additional agreement;
  • - the form of the order;
  • - the form of notification;
  • - The labour code of the Russian Federation;
  • - Federal law.
When making additions to the manual on position, which is vacant, changes are made by order of the Director. First head of the Department, which is subordinate to the position, prepared a new edition of the local act. New job description approved by visa approval on the document and also an order from the Director. Be sure to read with the amended act of the Union leader, if available in the firm. Consider the opinion of the elected trade unions, as workers ' rights should not be violated in terms of working conditions.
Make a order. In the subject write the amendments to the official manual, for example, an accountant. The reason for issuing the order, specify, for example, changing the labour function of the employee. In the informative part of the document fill in the details of the employee assigned responsibility for the execution of the order. As a rule, the chief of staff. Sign the order signed by the Director.
Before making additions to the user manual by post, which employs the employee, you must obtain the written consent of the expert. Write a notice addressed to the employee. In the document list the duties that is complemented by a local act. One copy of the notification officer signature, date, second – to remain with the specialist.
Now, make an additional agreement to the contract. Write a list of duties, which is complemented by the manual. Sign the agreement with the signature of the employee Director, the company's seal.
After the preparation of the new edition of the user become familiar with the specialist on receipt. Now issue an order on making amendments to the official manual. Assure local act stamped by the Director. The order shall be signed by the head of the organization. Familiarize the employee with the order.