Changes and additions to the collective agreement during its validity period is in accordance with the procedure established by the labour code to its conclusion either in the order that separately installed directly in the collective agreement.
If necessary make changes to the collective agreement the elected representative body of team of workers guides the management of the enterprise or its representative, the proposal to begin negotiations on this issue. They can be assigned the date of the negotiations of the parties for the content of the collective agreement.
The party initiating the collective bargaining, shall be sent the other party a written response that lists those members from his party who will be authorized to participate in the work of the joint Commission.
By separate order, agreed with the relevant representative body of workers formed for the Commission of collective bargaining, discussing and preparing amendments to the current collective agreement.
The draft changes should be discussed and modified, if required, in all divisions of the company, its affiliates and other separate offices.
After that, changes are made in a collective agreement, approved by the representatives of the employer and employees. Approval of changes shall be made within the time specified by the parties, but not later than three months from the date of commencement of collective bargaining. Their signatures on the part of the workers must supply all members of a single representative body.
The employer or his authorized representative should send a collective agreement as changesand applications to the appropriate labor authority at the location of the employer for notification registration.