This, of course, of course, but what to do if the error or mistake had already taken place?
Order - the handiwork of a human, and to err is human. Clerk (or other person responsible for the preparation of the orders) should ideally provide for the signature of the order without grammatical errors, corrections or erasures, but in turn, the Director before signing the order needs to study it carefully and then to sign, the visa and stamp. So, what measures should be taken to correct the error in the order?
Rewrite the order in the corrected form, only this way is possible only in case, if you notice the error before signing by the Director or, in extreme cases, the mistake is discovered at the time of signing, then the order can simply be torn up and disposed of.
Cancel the order (if the order of the most significant errors that distort the meaning of the document) by issuing a new order. For starters issued an order, canceling an order with an error in the text which indicates the number, date and title of the order that you want to cancel the text of this document should begin with the words "repealed" or "Considered invalid", then specify the reason for the cancellation of the document responsible for repair person the time of preparation of the replacement order.
Prepare a new project document for a new room, of course, already without any errors.
Give the order for signature to the head.
Remember that the order is not just a piece of paper, and his execution sometimes depends on someone's fate. Many have to deal with the illiterate paperwork during retirement. One wrong number in the employment (as is known, the entries in the work book are made on the basis of the order), or the letter and future retirees begins to unjam a different threshold, but in the end his way will still lead to the factory, where was produced the error. And then you have to pick your archival documents, think how to correct the mistakes of 20 years ago.