The first section of the Provisions on remuneration is referred to as "General" or "General provisions". This section contains information of a General nature.
In the first section, it is advisable to specify: laws, regulations, local acts on the basis of which the legal regulation of the process of remuneration; the person or several persons responsible for calculation of wages, and bonuses. Also it is recommended to indicate the range of employees that fall within the scope of this regulation.
The second section is called "Wages." Accordingly, it will examine in detail the procedure for formation, calculation and payment of wages to employees. Specify the wage system, wage depending on the skill of the worker, the place and date of payment, the rules of familiarizing the employee with a calculation sheet and the requirements for its form. If your organization of the amount of compensation depends on the labor standards also specify them in this section.
The third section "award process". This section should put information about the types of prizes, the size of the required indicators, the achievement of which is preceded by payment of them. You also specify the range of employees who are subject to the regulations on the awarding and timing of payment of the stipulated premiums.
The fourth category of "other conditions". Describe here issues unaffected in the other sections due to their specificity, for example: payment of wages while on maternity leave, with survivor benefits at retirement, etc.
Section V "Final provisions" is dedicated, as a rule, the entry make provisions in force. Specify the responsible person and the storage location of this document and other relevant information.
The provision on remuneration approved by the head of the organization, as a relevant note. After the regulation is developed and approved, it is necessary to acquaint each employee with its content under the painting.