You will need
  • - money for the payment of the fee;
  • - passport;
  • - the documents confirming the right to housing ownership certificate, contract of social hiring or a warrant for the apartment.
Find address and phone number of the FSUE "rostehinventarizatsiya" (in some cities it can be called Bureau of technical inventory - BTI) in your community. It deals with the preparation and issuance of floor plans. Look for the address in the directory of organizations in your city.
Please call the number listed in the phone directory and ask how you can sign up to obtain a technical passport of the room - it includes a floor plan of the building.
Come to the BTI personally by appointment or on a queue. Please bring the necessary documents. If owner, for whatever reason may not apply itself, you must obtain a notarized power of attorney to another person. This person when applying will need to provide this power of attorney and your passport.
Complete the application form and pay the fee for the paperwork.
Will receive a notification when a BTI staff will come to inspect your apartment. On the specified day you have to be home and to provide employees access to the apartment.
When the documents are ready, get technical passport of the room and a floor plan of the building in the appropriate box in the BTI. The production of such documents is, depending on the utilization of BTI, 1-2 months. To obtain the necessary documents in person and with your passport.