What is contained in the layout

Information, which contains the explication is of a reference nature. It accompanies the design and architectural documentation, i.e., is an Annex to the graphic part of the design plan for a house, apartment or any residential or nonresidential building. In some cases, the legend is included in the explanatory note, the document having legal force, issued in the form of an application in accordance with GOST 21.501-93СПДС "Rules for the implementation of architectural drawings".

Explication annexed to the plan of the apartment or floor plan of the house, contains information about each room displayed on the plan: its purpose and area. It also contains information about the total area of the premises separated for residential and non-residential, which accounts for backroom area, excluding the area of balconies, verandas, loggias and unheated closets.

In addition, in the layout specified in the technical characteristics of a house or apartment:
the material of construction of external and internal walls and partitions, its parameters and characteristics;
- the material from which made window frames, number of sashes and the type of paint;
- information about interior decoration of ceilings, walls and floors;
- information about internal communication systems – the wiring, the source and type of fuel used for heating, gas and water supply.

Where you may need explication

Of course, legend is an essential part of any architectural documentation. Every architectural project contains all the necessary explanations, is framed as explanations and tables directly on the drawings or as part of the explanatory note. When buying an apartment of her plan with explication will help you get a clear view of the room without even examining him.

Explication of premises of the apartment is required if you decide to make or have made alterations and are going to get a permit to appropriate regulatory bodies. Without such permission, you just can not subsequently make any transactions with the apartment – neither sell it nor give. Decorated with the appropriate permission changes in the layout of the apartment must be included in its technical data sheet, annexed to which is a plan with explication. The production of a new technical passport with the modifications will need to order in the territorial BTI, paying for this service in accordance with the approved rates. The production time of a new passport is 1 month, it will be valid for 3 years.