You will need
  • application of BTI;
  • - your passport;
  • - the deed to the house.
To process any passport, whether technical or cadastral, contact the BTI. Apply for calling out a technician to inspect the house and outbuildings. Submit your documents at home, your passport. If you make a legacy, then please submit a request from the notary, if the Deposit, simply specify this in the application. For of redevelopment and obtaining technical passports for this purpose you will need a request from the district Department of architecture.
You will issue technical passport on the basis of inspection of the house. It will contain all the technical parameters of the existing buildings and the house itself, information about the owner, the description of the house, outbuildings, year of construction, explication, plan the inventory cost, which in principle and is necessary for performing the specified actions.
Production time of the passport depend on the type of fare you paid for the service. If you paid the General rate, which is the cheapest, the registration of the technical passport may take three months. When paying with a fixed-term rate that greatly exceeds the total cost, you will receive all the necessary documents within 1-2 days.
If you had already issued a technical passport, then renew it is necessary nothing. This document is valid indefinitely, unlike the cadastral passport, the validity of which is 5 years.
If you have made alterations in the house, attached outbuildings or added on to the house itself, only in this case you are obliged to alter product data. And if on buildings, changes to the layout, the out buildings are not allowed and construction of the passport, you will receive a receipt for payment of an administrative fine as yourself to build anything, rebuild is impossible, even if the land you have is owned and the house is decorated in the property.