You will need
  • The floor plan of the building.
Read the Rules of fire safety in the Russian Federation. According to this regulation in the buildings and structures should be designed and placed in prominent places in the scheme of evacuation of people in case of fire. At sites where the possibility of mass stay of people, in addition to the scheme of evacuation in case of fire is developed by instructions for personnel actions. Responsible for compliance with fire safety regulations is the facility Manager.
In the preparation of the plan of evacuation of the first watertite floor plans of the building, trying not to clutter their minor and irrelevant details. Draw on the plan the scheme of evacuation of people from premises. In this case the solid green arrows show the main path of evacuation, and by means of dotted arrows the same color draw the spare (additional) ways. Conventional symbols, show on the diagram the location of fire extinguishers, fire hydrants, and connection points automatic fire alarm systems, placement of phones.
Prepare the textual part of the plan of evacuation. Run it in the form of a table with a sequential number, the list of actions of the contractor. Complete the narrative instructions to staff, and monuments reflecting action in case of fire. Reflect in the text of how to fire alarm; evacuation; control over all the people left the premises; the means of verification of fire alarm (including actions in the event of failure of the automation); the procedure for extinguishing of fire; order of evacuation of the property.
Assign performers in all sections of the planbased on the capabilities of people and skills they possess (professional, organizational, etc.). When developing a plan of evacuation , use the timing, fixing the time required to perform those or other actions under the plan.
As an Annex to the table prepare a list of responsible persons and employees of the organization, providing the box for painting familiarization with the plan of evacuation. Put down on the plan of evacuation the date of its making, seal seal and signature of the official responsible for observance of fire safety rules.