You will need
  • - passport,
  • - the statement in the BTI,
  • - documents of title to the apartment
  • - can require additional documents.
Technical passport is a document, which includes all parameters of the apartment to the smallest details, as well as engineering and technical communication. The document contains 4 sections, each one carries detailed information about the apartment. Shall include all owner information, legend square in the detailed settings, a full description of apartments, floors houses, the address, the cost of inventory.
To obtain a technical passport of the apartment, please contact the BTI. Write a statement that indicates the purpose of the receipt of the document. You will also need documents of title to the apartment and documents certifying the applicant's identity. In some cases, may require additional documents, which include: help from the notary if the apartment is issued by inheritance; the contract of pledge, if the cost of inventory required for registration of flats under the mortgage; request from the Department of architecture and urban planning, if you are obtaining a permit for alterations, and others, depending on the specific situation.
To issue a technical passport, the employee of Department of the BTI will need to visit the site and inspect the apartment. If housing was carried out redevelopment, the document is impossible to obtain up until all the changes have been institutionalized in the appropriate order. Will also be imposed an administrative penalty for illegal actions.
After the visit of the technical officer of the BTI will complete the necessary documents, made a new plan of the apartment. On the basis of this inventory will be calculated the estimated value of housing.
The document will be issued after a certain time, specified at the stand of payment and time of production of technical documents. Specified time period for issuance of documents can be reduced to one day if to pay increased tariff for rate design.
Technical paper, in contrast to the cadastral passport, has no five-year limit on the shelf life. But if the apartment has been redesign, moving walls, plumbing, changing vents, transfer plates, etc., technical data sheet, you need to redo and get a new one on the basis of redevelopment.