Imagine a set of documents along with the application to the Department of architecture and urban planning (or Department of the city administration, have similar status) to receive the plan. The application must be written to the head of the Department and must contain:- data on the person that desires the urban development plan for (name, SSN, address; for legal entities - name of organization and legal address, certificate of registration);
- information about the site on which the planirueta the construction of the house (address, area, cadastral number, restrictions and encumbrances);
- signature and stamp of the applicant (for legal entities);
application (list of documents and the documents themselves).In the package of documents required includes:- a certified copy of the case boundary (cadastral plan of the plot);
copies of the connection lines;
- Generalplan of the plot, performed in the local coordinate system of the design organisation with a license (on paper and electronic media in AutoCAD format);
- topographic survey conducted by the organization having the license;
- resolution of the head of the city administration on provision of the parcel or certificate of title obtained in the FRS.If the location is already located in some buildings, you will need to submit certified copies of their technical passports, which can be obtained from BTI.
If you live in Moscow you may need and urban study in the following cases:- in the absence of the project land-surveying of the territory;
- in the absence of the options and limits of construction (or reconstruction of existing facility) in the area.
Within 10 days you will be reported, taken or not to review your documentation. If cancellation is not forthcoming, then within 30 days you will receive the urban development plan. And remember: the design of the document free of charge.