You will need
  • - the statement in the BTI;
  • - passport;
  • - the documents in the apartment.
To issue technical passport for an apartment, contact the BTI. Write an application, pay the state fee for the necessary works technical engineer. The document is issued with the introduction of new buildings into operation and is changed only if redesign, that is, in contrast to the cadastral passport that is valid for 5 years, the expiration date of the technical passport is not restricted.
Apart from the application you are required to submit to the BTI documents of title to the apartment or construction certificate and construction permit from the Department of architecture, when you enter the house in operation.
Technical certificate you will issue is based on the inspection of the apartment. The document contains four pages, which provide information about the owner. If the landlord changes, passport changes. The document also contains a complete description of the technical and engineering services of housing, number of storeys, type of heating, a detailed description of the category of residential and utility area, year of construction and commissioning, material and workmanship of the house, floor, includes explication, plan, type of heating, and other supplied utilities. On the basis of this evaluation is the inventory of the apartment.
On the basis of inventory value you can mortgage the property under mortgages in the banking industry, to make partition in kind and in percentage, to divide the inheritance, a lot of which is included with the apartment. On the basis of inventory value is the inventory and arrest of property.
Technical passport of the apartment will be maintained, while the cadastral passport always remains in the BTI and it is possible to get only the necessary statement.
The timing of the receipt of the document depend on the amount you contributed as a public duty, and can range from one day to three months.