You will need
  • roulette;
  • - regular and graph paper;
  • pencil and eraser;
  • - the range.
To start, draw a rough plan of the room. Do not have to observe the correct proportions. Imagine that you see the room from above. Draw its shape.
Take your measuring tape and measure the dimensions of the room. The results of the measurement mark on the drawing. Note important details, such as door, window, radiator. Mark the location of all electrical outlets, switch and lamp. The area occupied by the door when it is opened, usually depicted by the arc.
Next, measure the furniture, Windows and other objects. Their sizes also transfer the preliminary drawing. Their height will not need, therefore, measure only the length and width. Measure the height of the room and draw in the circle next to the drawing.
Take graph paper and a ruler. Now you need to draw smooth and accurate plan of the room, observing all the proportions. Select the ratio of the size of real objects with their dimensions in the drawing. Usually choose the 1:20 scale. This will be enough. Calculate the size of objects in the drawing. For this purpose, their actual size in millimeters, divide by 20.
On graph paper draw the perimeter of the room with a pencil and a ruler. Carefully transfer images Windows, furniture, doors and electrical outlets on the paper. Do not forget to observe proportions. An arc that represents the area of the door opening, you can draw with a compass.
When all the objects moved on the graph paper, eraser, remove all the extra lines and bumps. Mark the height of the room and used the scale.