If you want to know the layout of apartments in a typical apartment building, you can access the resources of the site To use it, will only need to know the type you are interested in home. This can be done for a construction company, if the house is under construction, or utility services, if it is built for a long time.
The original plan of the apartment can be found out from its technical passport, but if it is unavailable, contact the BTI (Bureau technical inventory). To find it necessary, if the apartment was made illegal a significant redevelopment, and you, for example, when taking out mortgages, was obliged to return everything as it was. If a house is built many years ago and find the Builder is not possible, please contact the city building Department and ask them to find a house plan in the archive.
If the house only is under construction, and you wonder the location of future apartments, contact the office of the company-Builder. On any construction site is usually on a fence or other conspicuous place, put the sign that says which company is building and what address to. As a rule, employees are willing to contact, because they need to attract future buyers of apartments.
Learn the layout of his apartment also happens to be necessary if you have decided to change it. Any rearrangement of the internal partitions are made only with the permission of BTI, so before starting work, read the technical passport of the apartment, determine the load-bearing walls, create a redevelopment project and only then ask for permission. Self redevelopment can lead to a fine, and if it is made recklessly – to the threat to the whole house. If illegal changes to the plan apartments will be discovered, you will still be forced to return the apartment to its original appearance.