Receive a notification via Agent"

This method is convenient for those users who work on the same computer, as it will be necessary to install a special program Agent" distributed free of charge. In addition to the notification settings from private email, it allows you to exchange instant messages, connect other email resources (Yahoo Mail, ICQ) as well as to configure notifications from their pages in social networks Facebook, Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte. Download Agent on the official website mail.<url> by clicking on the green button. Possible to install on the phone.

Installing the program, you should connect it to your e-mail, and better to start with the main box, and then add as needed support. This is necessary in order to clicking on the icon in the envelope located in the program window on the top bar, it was no problem to log in to your primary email.

Registration takes place by entering in the proposed cell your email address and password. Adding more boxes is via the string "Add user" which can be found in the list of commands that appears when you press the "Menu" button.

New incoming email is immediately displayed through "Agent" in two places: first, the message goes to task bar, and secondly, it appears next to the icon in the notification area in the bottom right corner of the screen. He is accompanied by a short beep, allowing the user to sit at the computer waiting for emails.

Setup free notifications via SMS

To find out about new e-mails at any time, regardless of the presence enabled computer, you can configure receive free SMS messages. To do this, log on to website email open settings (the top bar with the name of the resource – "More" – "Settings") and select in the list the string "SMS-notification".

In the opened page you need to put a marker on the "on" position, enter the phone number, put a tick next to the name of the folder, about changes in which I would like to get notifications (incoming, outgoing), set the interval to receive messages at night or during operation), the frequency of receiving the SMS (every half hour or hour), and specify the time zone, then click on "Save". Unfortunately, not all mobile operators support this service. A list of suitable operators can be read by clicking on the appropriate link.