You will need
  • lumber of wood of different hardness, carpenter tool, bearings, metal bracket and axle.
First, reinforce the usual bench additional horizontal beams, one of which can be placed under the left leg. If the bench is not - make it in line with the increased strength from loosening and the implementation of those supports. You can then start making the design of the machine.
For the manufacture of a flywheel or the bottom of the circle, gather the cloth from the sheet (with grooves and lugs for them) boards. Staple them on the sides wooden bars and wedges. With a nail, a pencil and a cardboard plank, draw a circle as shown in the figure.
We put together a plywood Board with temporary fasteners. Jigsaw or hacksaw on wood with a narrow blade cut out the circle. Nail it to a second canvas. On the top circle, which will be a template and guide, saw off the unnecessary parts of the boards. You can also make another 1-2 layers. Drill the Central hole on the spot from a nail. Another layer of plywood to prevent moisture penetration between the planks.
Before the axle was made of wood. For longer life of the machine cut the steel rod with a diameter as the inner diameter at the bearings and of the desired length, taking into account the thickness of the upper and lower laps, fasteners and the height of the bench. Cut both ends of thread under the retaining nut. In the upper circle you should make a hole under the washer and nut.
Before Assembly of the machine saturate 2-3 times with hot linseed oil, allowing to dry each layer, all wooden parts of the structure. The lower bearing vprasajte into the recess in the Central bar under the bench top - the bench. You can then proceed to the Assembly of components of the Potter's wheel. On the axis below the upper circle slip rubber sheet, previously after making a hole slightly smaller than the diameter of the axle, and the bench under it promazhte glue. This sheet will protect from water and clay underneath the bearings. Plentifully grease with a thick grease both bearings.