You will need
  • - clay;
  • - Potter's wheel;
  • - plaster shape;
  • water;
  • - kiln;
  • - acrylic paint or a special coating.
Find the right clay. It is best to buy it in the store, in this case, you will be sure of success. However, if you don't, just dig it in the near career. Remember it, and try to sculpt a ring, a ball – if it worked, it means that the clay is of good quality.
Dried clay cover with water in a few hours and mix until the consistency of sour cream. Strain and leave to settle. Water remains on the surface, drain it, and knead the clay like dough. The result should be a material like clay, not adhering to the hands.
If you have a Potter's wheel, make dishes with it is the most convenient option. To make multiple identical items, such as tea set, you must first make a plaster mold in which you will indentation a piece of clay, and after drying carefully remove.
A simple product, for example a mug, try to sculpt hands. Roll clay dense, smooth ball. Press a finger inside and rotate the workpiece on it, you will have the likeness of a mug. Proceed fingers – thin walls, raise them above until the product will take shape. Be sure to apply all the cracks and holes. If necessary, dampen the product and hands with water.
When the dishes are ready, decorate it – place the patterns scratched with a fork, stick curls out of clay or sticks. In order to stick items, use clay, diluted with water glue.
Annealing pots, preferably in a muffle furnace at a temperature of not less than 600oC. If such a furnace you have – use ordinary village oven or, in extreme cases, fire. Carefully place his work in a place where it is expected the highest temperature, and see to the fire.
Try to protect the Cup from possible damage the wood or embers and at the same time positioning it in the visual field. As soon as it is heated to bright orange – you can stop firing.
After complete cooling, remove the product and test by pouring water into it. If water still drips, grease Cup and grease procapita it over the flame, then well wash and wipe it.
Paint the dishes with acrylic paint or a special coating. Pay attention to the instructions to glaze – some types require additional firing.