Can I store sugar in bags?

Large stocks of sugar can be stored in industrial containers - in the same bags in which you bought it. However, in this case, it can be difficult to transport stocks, even within the apartments if needed, woman or child will be difficult to move a 50 kg bag. In addition, even unopened bags – not the most reliable protection against dirt and moisture, and after such a container is opened, the sugar is easy to get dust, moisture and pests.

During long-term storage of sugar bags can also acquire distinctive smell, which many do not like. With the exception of plastic bags of small amount (5-10 pounds) – they are virtually impervious to moisture and odors.

If you have several bags, you can open one of them and pour the sugar out of it in a more convenient container, and the rest put in a cool, dry place – in a heated garage, a pantry, a balcony. It is best to not store them directly on the floor of the premises, and raised – for this you can use a wooden pallet or Board. Under bags left on the floor, it is better to spread a tarp or a few layers of paper (old Newspapers, pieces of Wallpaper, wrapping paper).

How to keep a supply of sugar at home?

Opening another bag, peresypaya all the sugar from it in a smaller volume of packaging is more convenient for everyday use and storage in the home, in addition, small containers are easier to take sugar for your cooking needs.

Sugar should be stored in dry, well-ventilated place, preferably at some distance from sources of heat. From big bags it is possible to pour in a plastic bottle with capacity from 1 to 5 liter, three-liter glass bottles or in plastic bags – as long as the container could be sealed. Purchase packages of tough polyethylene, and if you find such failed – put one package in another. The main thing that is designed for sugar packaging was completely dry and clean.

In cans and bottles, try not to put the sugar up to the top – better to leave under the cover a little space, or bulk product can be cake, and at long storage – pressoffice in a dense lump, and stick it will be difficult. Periodically shake containers with sugar to avoid caking. In a larger bowl you can put a small canvas bag of rice – the rice will absorb excess moisture.

Linen bags sugar better not to package – the fabric is easy to absorb moisture, the product can absorb odors.