You can use Martini Extra Dry in its pure form, diluted it with a little water or ice. Professional tasters say that the way the taste of the drink is fully revealed.
Before you submit a bottle of Martini to the table, put it in the fridge for 2-3 hours. Cool to 10-15 degrees. This is the optimal temperature, as a warm or cold beverage loses its great taste.
Pure Martini Extra Dry, pour in highball glasses. But for cocktails on the basis of this drink is known to use glasses triangular shape.
Pouring Martini glasses, hold the bottle approximately at the level of the label, placing your index finger on the neck. When you do this, make sure that the bottle is not in contact with the glass.
If the company is small, it is customary to spill a Martini glasses of the master of the house; otherwise, it is possible to offer each guest to help themselves to as much drink as you want.
Drink this elegant drink slowly in small SIPS. Try as much as possible to get a taste of herbs and spices that go into its composition.
On the basis of Martini Extra Dry, you can prepare all kinds of cocktails. With him are perfectly blended many varieties of vermouth and other drinks such as white rum, whiskey, gin, vodka and cognac.
In Russia, the cocktails, Martini, often made with juice. In Western countries, the dry vermouth is merely one of the constituents of alcoholic drinks. For example, the recipe for this cocktail: 20 ml Martini Extra Dry 20 ml, Martini Rosso 20 ml of gin.
As a snack with a Martini, use a hard cheese, crackers or fruit. In addition, you can drink dry vermouth, green olives, strung them on skewers and lowered into a glass with a drink.