Advice 1: How to make a ceramic pot

Flower pots will be an original decoration of your home, if you make them yourself. Try creating a ceramic pot, it will only need clay for sculpting, fantasy and kiln.
How to make a ceramic pot
You will need
  • - clay;
  • - Potter's wheel;
  • water;
  • - sunflower oil;
  • - kiln or an open fire.
  • - acrylic paint or glaze for ceramics;
  • tools.
Buy or search for the clay pot. To purchase clay is in stores that specialize in ceramics or in enterprises producing pottery or bricks. Or go to the nearest career and dig clay there. Remember it, and try to sculpt a ball – if it worked, type of clay more.
Home knead the clay, break the lumps and add water. Leave the material for several hours in water, then drain the water and knead the rest into a creamy dough. For more comfortable operation can be added to the clay one teaspoon of sunflower oil.
Start to sculpt the pot of the required size. If there is a Potter"s wheel you will be able to make pot more symmetrical and smooth. The wheel can be done independently, it is based on ball-bearing mechanism and smooth surface.
If the Potter's wheel, try to make a flower pot without him. Take a piece of clay and shape a ball with a diameter of about 10 cm In the center hole and spin the circle on a few fingers. Then place the billet on the table and gradually make the walls thinner and higher, until you get the desired shape and size.
All cracks and openings be sure to caulk liquid clay, otherwise the pot will crack during firing. As soon as the clay begins to dry – slightly dampen it with water, also can be wet.
When the pot is ready as a whole, come up with decorative elements to the product was unique and unique. You can sculpt clay flowers or fruits, sculpt long sausage and stick with a wavy line to make a small bird and to "put" it on the rim of the pot with a fork or sharp object protsarapat patterns – it all depends on your imagination. Also, don't forget about the hole in the bottom, if the pot is necessary for planting flowers.
The finished pot should be hot. If it is not possible to use a special kiln, find ordinary Russian stove, set the pot in the depths and spread the fire. Ensure that the wood or coals have not damaged the product. In a pinch, you can dilute the bonfire and burn the product in it.
To put the product into the oven before the fire. Only when it stands, enclosed from damage (e.g., metal mesh), overlaid it with wood and light the fire. Watch – when the pot becomes bright orange, you can stop firing. But to get the product necessary only when it is completely cool.
Ready pot cover with a special glaze for ceramics or paint with acrylic paints.
When using the glaze requires another firing.

Advice 2: How to choose flower pot for cyclamen

To room the flowering plants looked in the interior more expressive, they need to find suitable containers. But the flower pot should be not only attractive, but also easy to flower. For example, if you select a pot of cyclamen is necessary to consider some nuances.
How to choose flower pot for cyclamen
You will need
  • is a plant;
  • - the ground;
  • - the pot.
Decide on the material of the pot is suitable for your plants. The basic material for the manufacture of flower pots is clay or plastic. The materials have both advantages and disadvantages. Clay pots with glaze look good, but almost not allow oxygen. Sometimes pottery in addition painted with oil paint, also do not allow the penetration of air inside. Therefore, a clay pot for any plants it is better to consider only as a temporary shelter. Using a homemade plant pots, watch miss any of their material to the roots enough air.
Choose a pot depending on the specific plant. Pots of plastic more practical, cheaper, in addition, they are more lightweight. But because of the ease of the plastic pot turns fragile, more fragile. If the plant is large, it is better to plant it in a sustainable ceramic pot. Plants planted in unglazed pots of clay, watering profusely – due to the porosity of the clay moisture is evaporated there in large numbers. In containers made of plastic, humidity lasts longer, but the result of stagnation of water the roots can be affected by rot.
Inspect the root system of cyclamen. If the roots have overgrown it in width, choose a pot with a larger diameter. For roots grown down, choose a tall pot.
Pick up a pot of cyclamen, depending on what the age of the corms. Large pots for cyclamen – not the best option, they are the plant does not bloom and even rots. To a limited extent cyclamen may bloom earlier, but the bloom turns out weak. Therefore, when a small corm, if the age of the plant a year and a half, the pot will fit with the diameter of 7-8 cm, two - or three-year bulb will fit a pot with a diameter of 14-15 cm
Make sure that the selected container was a good hole with a diameter of about two inches. This will ensure unimpeded flow of water. In a very large size pot holes can be done several.
New ceramic pots can be soaked in water with addition of superphosphate. New ware plastic, just rinse thoroughly with hot water.
Useful advice
Before you plant the cyclamen in a pot, wash the tray, ready for planting. You can just use hot soapy water and brush, clay pots are better warmed in the oven – this will prevent the plants from possible infections.
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