You will need
  • - special "spring bar remover" or sewing needles.
Select watchband
Determine the width of strap suitable for your watch. To do this, measure the distance between the lugs hours with millimeter precision. Determine the required length of the strap. Strap length can vary from 15 to 20 cm Choose the material and model of strap. The main criterion when choosing a model is the matching band to the watch style. It should be remembered that the quality of the strap depend on the watch's appearance and their safety.
Remove the old strap
Take a "spring bar remover" with a wide fork. Place the fork between the strap and the handle housing so that the pin that secures the strap, caught between the "teeth" of the plug. Each end pin has two grooves. The end of the hairpin is designed in the form of a pin. When the strap mounted on the watch, the pins of the studs are recessed into the hull, and its external grooves fit snugly to the watch case. Inserting the plug of the "spring bar remover", you need to get between the two grooves on the pin. Pressing down on the pin and using a bending fork as a lever, remove the strap. Swipe the same procedure with the second half.
Remove the pin from the old strap. If the pin is firmly seated in the strap, push it through a "spring bar remover", or any other suitable object. Pulling the pin is not recommended - it can break.
Install the new strap
Take the new strap and insert the studs. Insert one prong of the pin in the groove of the watch. Abut the pin groove in the housing and press into the groove so that the pin rested in the case only pin. Push the pins and feel the groove for fixing it.