In a mechanical watch, and to this day has the same mechanism — the wheel, which we translate.
Pull the wheel until a light click. Do not use force, do it carefully.
Rotating the wheel, set the exact time.
Pound the wheel back in the groove easily by clicking on it. Don't slip the arrows.
If necessary, start the clock mechanism. To do this quickly and gently roll the wheel in the fight hand, to remove it from the groove is not necessary. Please note that you need to have not to the full stretch of the spring, enough for 6 – 8 incomplete revolutions.
Manufacturers of electronic hours like to approach the matter with imagination. Buying such a watch, please note that the user manual was in Russian, otherwise all the useful and interesting buttons can become useless.
Conventional electronic clock standard two buttons: a menu button and a button state change. Press one button — it flashes a number representing hours. Second button to increase/decrease this value.
Then again click the first button should be flashing minutes. Their value change as well as the hours value.
If your watch buttons more, please follow instructions. But most likely two of them will be to invoke the menus and change the values, and the rest, for example, to call the number, month and year (which can also change), to start the stopwatch, and more.
Again, if there are instructions you can configure all available options.
Much easier in this question to people who wear watches on the hand just for beauty. Ask them the time, don't be surprised if they start to dig in the bag in the mobile phone search.