Of course, it is better to ask for help in a special workshop, but if you want to save or you have no time to take the watch to the master, the repair can be made independently.
First you need to figure out some of the metal made the bracelet. If the metal is soft, it is possible to use simple pliers. To do this, hold down tool, extra link, unfold it and pull it out. Before you fasten the bracelet, it is better to make sure that you have removed enough links. To do so, attach the bracelet to the arm and close it. Not loose? Then you just flatten the two next to each other in the gap link and connect them in a chain. We have to work very carefully, especially if the metal is coated with a coloring layer (can leave scratches). If the metal is more durable to bond the bracelet you can use a soldering iron.
There are watches with the bracelets are not a chain-and-raised strips. These units are fixed between small nails, usually on the right side. To remove unnecessary link to gently remove the clove with a needle or an awl. After that, try the bracelet on and join adjacent particles on the same principle.
If your watch is made of precious metals, if you are not a professional, it is better to address in the workshop. Repair of this type is not more than 200 rubles, and when you make mistakes, the price can increase twice and even three times.