To open the lid hours beginning, it is necessary to make a visual inspection. This will help to determine which way the cover is attached to the body. If you find the screws, then, definitely, you will need a screwdriver. You have not found the screws, but found the small notch or several notches? In this case we are talking about screw down back cover of the watch and there is a need to use special tips. If a visual inspection did not bring any results, and the grooves are found, and the lid shines with perfect smoothness, then you direct road to a one-hour workshop.
There are several household ways open watch back case, but they can reward the body of an expensive mechanism scratches and ruin the appearance.
You decide to try to open the lid. Fasten tightly the watch case, providing him with complete immobility. It will help the caliper – the perfect accessory for home watchmakers. If you have a cover latch, then make a thin blade that you have to pick her up, or any other similar object can fit through a pin hole between the housing and the cover. For distraction screw cap, use a caliper, which you grab back the cover over the edge and Unscrew counterclockwise.
To make your job easier will help special sets of tools for watchmakers, fasteners, screwdrivers of various calibers, handpieces and other equipment. With such case, your task is much easier, although the result cannot be guaranteed. But the advantages are obvious: a random scratch will not the body does not scratch the caliper, and the lugs enter the grooves perfectly, not bending the metal.Cover not win? Go to the shop, otherwise you risk to kill your watch.