Kinds of watches

The watch can be electronic, mechanical or quartz. So the first thing you need to do once it will become clear that the clock is not going to determine what type of clock mechanism. To fix it yourself electronic watch, with no special skills, very few people under force. But quartz and mechanical is a bit easier. The most banal reason for their stop could be the termination charge. For example, when you stop a quartz watch, you should first change the battery. Perhaps the reason lies in it. Mechanical watches try to fail. After all, forget to move them, they will soon stop.

Breakage of a mechanical watch

If you fail the clock failed and they have not earned, the reason for the stop lies in the occurrence of a fault. In the case of penetration of dust, dirt or moisture inside the watch movement. They usually stop working. To restore functionality, they need to be cleaned. If this is impossible, contact a workshop.

There are cases when the entering water does not stop the clock. However, they cause the gradual rusting of the mechanism, and as a result the clock stops. In case of accidental impact on the watch, for example, in case of a fall, any detail of the mechanism may be damaged or break. This leads to the fact that the watch stops. Another reason — drying grease the inside of the watch. On average, the grease should be checked and updated every four years. This will require carefully disassemble the clock mechanism and check for oil. All the fault quickly enough to remove the master in a special workshop. In the absence of skills, to do repairs hours is not recommended. Because all internal components are very small, and ignorance can damage the mechanism.

Poor quality repairs, OEM parts or attempts to fix the breakage also can cause the watch to stop running.

How to prevent stop a watch

Try to wear the watch carefully, protecting them from water and rain, even if they are waterproof. Not much swing arm, wearing a watch not to accidentally hit them against the wall or other object and to prevent the fall of the accessory. Your watch clean with a soft cloth from dust and store in a drawer or jewelry box.