To fit hand first set the bracelet on a different watch that you do not mind to scratch. They must have the same length, as the watch are the strap will be installed completely. Side of the bracelet, which is closer to the cover latch, turn to the top of the case hours, the side closest to the two folding strips to the bottom of the housing.
Check with the device strap. It consists of links and brackets. To shorten it by one link, remove one bracket completely, and the neighboring fold only one side. Pulled then released link, insert the bent side of the bracket in the previous link, and bend.For folding and bending of the brackets, use a screwdriver, pliers. All operations follow carefully to not only avoid injury, but also not to scratch the parts of the strap that are not removed, especially from the front.
Try putting the watch on your hand. If they hang down heavily, removing one link was not enough. Very little slack suggests that it's time to finish the shortening of the bracelet. Make it tight or wear a watch to be extremely uncomfortable.
Repeat to delete links until the slack in the bracelet on your arm will be small.
Pull the strap from hoursused you for adjusting its length, and move at the hours that are going to wear. If you don't have the special tool for removing the bracelet from hours, use a small chisel.
If you are used to leather or plastic straps, learn how to wear a watch with a metal bracelet. Wearing the watch on your wrist, the bar, which is located closer to the lid latch, push to it, then the latch with the strap press down on left and snap. If on the cover there is an additional lock, close it.
To relieve hours , open the latch, if present, then pull until it snaps the cover on the side facing towards the bottom hours, and they can be removed.