For a start try on the watch and determine how many links will have to be removed. Be careful: make sure that the watch did not pinch the wrist and not too loose. Remember, where there are extreme parts that need to be removed.
Consider a strap on the inside. Each link has two pins: one of them looks like a small cog, and the second is just a small bump.
Just try to Unscrew the screw with a small screwdriver. If all the tools that you have are great, erode them, or use nail scissors or nail file. Remove the screws at the extreme links that you need to remove, and then remove the excess part of the strap.
Connect the strap by inserting one link to another and securing pins.
In some models, a screw twist is impossible, because the groove in it deep enough (it's made just for decoration). In this case, the mount you just need to squeeze.
Please note that on the inner side links of the strap of an arrow. Take a straightened paper clip or a needle of adequate thickness and squeeze the pin in the direction shown by the arrow. To do this, place the watch so that the pin will not collide with any obstacles, but the band had an emphasis. Install a paper clip or needle on the pin and gently postukivanie on it with pliers, or, for example, scissors. When the pin starts to come out, hook, and pull it out. If you continue beat him, he will either take off and get lost, or you'll ruin the mount, in which he enters. Repeat with the second link.
Connect the strap, removing unnecessary links and inserting a pin back. Make sure that the links held fast, and the pins were out.
Again try on a watch and if you feel uncomfortable, add, or remove links.
Do not throw away the extra parts of the strap. Sometimes it so happens that during the day, the hand swells, and the watch strap gets tight. In this case, you will again have to increase it by one or two managers, but if you'll throw it, it will make it impossible.