You will need
  • - knife with sharp blade;
  • - screwdriver;
  • - a magnifying glass.
Take a magnifying glass and inspect the watch. We need to understand how the back cover fits. There may be several variants: a simple snap fit mount by means of a ring with a thread, screwing on the bolts. Place the watch on a flat surface, e.g. a table. Put them under a towel. Wipe the lid of the hours and its connection to the housing with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol.
The lid, which is fastened with bolts, it is necessary to open with a screwdriver. Unscrew the bolts. If they are too small, use a screwdriver, and a small utility knife with a sharp blade. Loosen the bolts in the following order: first, then one that is opposite, and so on. When you remove the cover, then most likely, you'll see the o-ring from plastic. Don't lose it – better bolts, the cover and ring to put on a saucer.
If the lid is fixed with a ring with thread, find special grooves that are made especially for opening. Install a thin screwdriver into one of the holes and rotate the ring in the direction against hoursOh the arrow. The ring is supposed to spin. When you release the lid from the ring, you'll need to pick up a screwdriver is a special language which is by the lever of the hand position. It is necessary to pick up carefully with a screwdriver and a little stall. The lid should open. If hours lid which unscrewed completely, it also has special holes for rotation. Proceed in the same way.
Cover, which just snaps, open with a knife. Need to find a groove on it, to pick up and gently open.