You will need
  • - tweezers;
  • - conical screwdriver;
  • a magnifying glass
Set up your work space: sit down and lay out a white sheet of cardboard or heavy paper. In low light turn on the Desk lamp.
Remove the bracelet or strap mechanical watches. Disconnect the back cover of the watch. Note that some caps are threaded, others just snap.
Remove the mechanism from the watch. Remove all loose plastic inserts and metal rings, if present.
Flip watches, so that their glass was at the top and carefully place them on a sheet of paper in front of him.
Look carefully at the clockwork with the aid of a magnifying glass. Locate the small pin located at the input of the winding shaft. Push the tapered pin with a screwdriver and pull the crown to the side.
Note that in older models instead of the pin may be a screw. In this case, you rotate it half a turn and remove the crown.
Remove the clock mechanism from the case and install the crown with the lever in place. To install the crown must again click on the pin. In order to avoid damage to the clock is recommended during this operation, to keep watch in his hands.
Remove the clock hands using tweezers. Be very careful because the arrows are easy to bend.
Remove the dial. To do this, you should slightly loosen the two screws located on the bezel of the watch movement. Remove the dial and tighten the screws.
Remove the foil, bill wheel, the hour wheel and pinion of the minute hand. If available, remove the plate that holds all of the above details. Note that for the lifting pinion of the minute hand may need some effort. It is recommended to remove it with tweezers.
Your mechanical watch is disassembled.