You will need
  • To reduce the bracelet will need the following tools: awl or needle and pliers.
Start to work. On the table recommended to lay a sheet of paper so no detail is lost in the process.First of all, please note that to reduce the bracelet by moving the pin lock holes – not the best way. This will change the circumference of the bracelet just a couple of inches.
It is first necessary to disengage the ring of the bracelet. To do this, take a needle or awl, push down on the pin and pull it out.
Next, locate on the back side of the bracelet (close to castle) three links, not like others. They painted the arrows the direction in which it should retrieve the pin of the fastener.
The first two links remain in place. In the third link insert an awl into the hole in the specified direction and light pressure, remove the stud fastener. Completely remove it with pliers. Similarly remove the second pin. Then separate all link.
Removing the desired number of units, start assembling the bracelet. Remember to remove links on the bracelet evenly to lock bracelet is not moved relative to it. Assembly of the bracelet is relatively simple. Insert one link into the groove of another and secure with pins fasteners. They are inserted with a needle or awl against the specified direction.
Remove links of the metal bracelet easier: push and squeeze the pins of those units that are planning to remove. You'll need a thin needle or clock screwdriver.
In fact, and in another case it is advisable to save the extra links and pins. If the watch is new, do not remove during operation the protective film from the bracelet - this will protect it from scratches.