Advice 1: How to wear a wrist watch

The image of a successful person create the details. Wrist watch is an essential accessory to accentuate the style of their owner. It is almost the only decoration, a valid strict business etiquette. How to wear a wrist watch?
How to wear a wrist watch
Watches are designed to worn on the wrist. Traditionally, watches are usually worn on the side which is opposite to the dominant. Thus, the wearer can write, doing normal things by the dominant hand and at the same time to look at the clock, watching the time. If you are left handed, you prefer to wear the watch on the right hand, if right handed on your left hand. The standard mechanical watch-hand have a head for the plant on the right side of the body. Watch for right wrist has a mechanical head on the left side of the case.
Note whether the width of the watchcase thickness of your wrist. On a thin wrist is not recommended to put on massive models. And wide wrist thin watch will look too simple and shallow.
Watches should not be too tight to pull and compress the wrist. Make it comfortable length - to watch freely rotates about the brush. Even the leather strap should be left between the buckle and wrist so much space that it was easy to lay a finger.
Watch should match the occasion, style, and way of life. If you lead a sporty lifestyle, prefer functional waterproof sports watches with rubber strap. If you are a Manager or Executive, an office worker or a businessman, then you will feel confident in hours Executive class. For a teacher, a doctor or a musician to fit the classic or original watches.
Wrist watch style are divided into several types: classic, sports, fashion (or the original) and the electronic model. Each category has its specific style and design so even layman them easy to recognize among others.

Advice 2: How to wear watch with bracelet

Watch bracelets today are made from various materials: leather, metal, plastic, ceramics, textiles, precious metals and stones. You can buy them together with the clock or choose separately. It is important that these two parts were unified ensemble, not dissoniruya with each other on either style nor the material, nor the price.
How to wear watch with bracelet
When choosing a bracelet, you should take into account your lifestyle and style. If you are active and mobile, then the best option bracelet for your watch – the durable metal with a robust clasp, rubber or synthetic. Leather strap is not very practical, as this material absorbs sweat well and after a while, begins to emit a strong, pleasant smell.
The man who occupies a high and responsible post suitable watch premium. For everyday wear, the most commonly used bracelets made of brass, steel and titanium. Steel - the most durable of them, but they are usually very simple in form. More sophisticated and original products made of brass. But if you suffer from allergies, then the best option for you would be the titanium bracelet. But, of course, if you have the opportunity, it is better to have a few hours that you could wear, depending on various circumstances.
Leather strap should be tightly encircle the arm, and the steel band are so worn it is simply impossible. He may RUB and even injure your wrist. So try to find a bracelet that turns easily around the wrist, and not dangling too freely. To fix the bracelet on the arm, removing unnecessary links, it is possible directly in shop.
The bracelet must fit the wrist size. If you have it is too brittle and thin, then thick massive bracelet will look excessively bulky. And people with broad wrist, do not fit watches with a thin strap.
It is important to choose the right color of the bracelet. Black leather bracelet and a white dial with clear stones or rhinestones combined with almost any clothing and fit to different images and styles. But bright colors should be in harmony with clothes and other accessories. For evening attire, try to find a bracelet that would suit the color and pattern of the jewelry – earrings, pendants or rings.
The image of a business woman perfectly accentuate watch with silver bracelet, without fussy details and precious stones. But for receptions prefer bracelets in white gold or with diamonds. Currently we allow the wearing of a pair of bracelets, or two or three bracelets on one arm (previously, it was considered bad manners). But in a large number of them to wear you cannot do. Also not recommended to mix silver with gold.
When you put on an evening gown, set aside chronometer sport and watch on a leather strap. In this case, the best option will be the watch with the bracelet, with diamonds, or a thin platinum chain. And if you want to wear on your wrist but the watch a bracelet with precious stones, do not wear them on the one hand, because these accessories can get scratches.
With the time the bracelet is made of plastic, metal or leather, now often wear bracelets-jewelry made of the same materials as well as glass, wood, etc. It looks really good with clothes in ethnic style. When choosing a style, try to get all these accessories in harmony with each other in color and form.
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