Many time beauty is workshop, where you for a small fee, or about the warranty of the product, can shorten the bracelet. If this is the workshop not in the store, and with the clock already does not want to leave, the bracelet can be shortened by yourself. It is no secret that almost all factory bracelets made that called for growth, so there is nothing to worry that the strap will have reduced slightly.
Castle metal bracelet have special holes in order to be able to change the length of the strap at its discretion. With the help of sewing (and preferably the needle), pull pin (bushing) on the lock. The spring that is on the pin, push it out, so you can take it out and fasten in the second hole, thus reducing the length of the bracelet.
If the bracelet is still too big for your hand, inspect it thoroughly the links near the castle. Usually several units are distinguished on the inner side from the rest. This is the first (control) units which you can remove to adjust the length of the bracelet.
When you work with the bracelet, please note that the control links have arrows. Take an awl or needle and under the direction of the arrows, pull out the pin that holds them. If the pin difficult, take the pliers and gently pry it over the area. Remove unnecessary link.
Connect the links of the bracelet by inserting the back pin. Try the bracelet on. If it is still short enough, remove some more links.
If you have the metal bracelet on the watch, the transaction reduction will be much easier. To be the strap is shorter, you only need to squeeze out every link in the chain pin, and then connect the bracelet. However, this would require very strong needle or even hour screwdriver.
All of the work you produce with maximum care, as the bracelet can be scratched by careless handling.