You will need
  • - chisel;
  • - screwdriver;
  • - small pliers.
To adjust plastic or leather bracelet pull it in the direction of tightening the tab out of the hole. Raising the strap above the tongue, so it was not included in the adjacent hole, select other, and then release the bracelet and clamp it over the hole selected on the pull tab. Always wear a watch so that they were located on the side of the hand opposite to the wrist and the bottom of the dial (with division 6) were on the same side as the thumb.
Do not tighten the strap too much to avoid numb hands, but at the same time, avoid and drooped hours. If you provide this fails, you can gently pierce the bracelet extra hole. It should match existing not only in size but also in shape. Wrong perforation holes may eventually cause delamination of the strap.
Metal bracelet adjust by removing links. In the bracelet they alternate with braces. To remove the unit, lift a chisel in one bracket one petal and another - both. Second remove the bracket, and with it the link. Then the lobe of the first bracket (the remaining in the bracelet) insert in the previous link, and bend. Do not scratch the elements of the bracelet from the front side.
Try on the watch, and then if necessary, remove the and remove one more link in the way stated above. Remove the links until, until you reach the desired length of the bracelet. To relieve hours unlock the lock (if any), and then lift the upper part of the castle. As in the previous case, do not make the strap too short.
If it turned out that the watch bracelet shortened too much, gently return to the place one of the removed links along with the clip. This operation is carried out in the reverse order: pull one petal bracket, remove it, paste the link in, fold the petal, then the holes of two adjacent units insert the clip and fold the back side of both of her lobe.
Some women's, and sports watches bracelets are supplied with custom designs. Elastic strap adjustment is not required - just wear it. For adjustment of the Velcro strap, disconnect it, move it to the desired position, and then reconnect.