The procedure of registration is quite simple, it requires no special knowledge. Choose any convenient branch of the savings Bank and contact your representative. Clearly explain what you expect from plastic card. Explain for what purpose you need it, how it will do money. The representative will help you choose from all plastic cards the one that meets all of your stated conditions and requirements.
Please submit a document certifying the identity (passport), inform contact telephone number, please wait until the operator will make on your behalf an application to receive a card of Sberbank, sign in these representative fields. Copies of such statements will remain with you.
Often the manufacture of plastic card you have to wait some time (the average waiting period is 15 working days). Before receiving your card you will receive a printout with details of the Bank and number of your personal account. If you are expecting a transfer of funds before receipt of the card, inform the payer account specified in the printout. The money can be transferred from the moment of registration of your application.
Until you do not receive a plastic card, you cannot withdraw the money but can at any time apply to a Bank with passport, and you will give complete information about movement of funds on your personal account. The cost of registration and annual fee for servicing the Bank card depends on the card type you have chosen.
15 working days (or another date specified by the Bank), contact the same office for obtaining the card. You should have only a passport. Sign in you receive a card, get a light-proof envelope with a PIN code from the teller. Also, when you receive a card, you can connect service "Mobile Bank" and "Sberbank online" for quick access to your account via a mobile phone or the Internet.
You can also order a Bank card with individual graphic design (individual design) on the website of the savings Bank at the following address: Go to "credit card", select your card type and follow the instructions, go through all the stages of registration.