You will need
  • - Russian passport or other document proving the identity.
Consider for what purpose you need a Bank card. Sberbank of Russia produces many types of maps that differ in their functional characteristics. Distinguish the classical, charity, salary, social, credit and other cards. Almost every customer can choose for themselves the option that best meets its financial objectives.
Take into consideration that to become the owner of a full card of Sberbank of Russia can only be the citizen of the Russian Federation who has reached eighteen years of age, but for certain types of cards permissible age is lowered to 14 years. Apply for the card will need a valid passport or other document proving the identity. In some cases, Bank cards can be issued to those who is not a resident of the Russian Federation. In most such cases for registration cards will need a separate decision of the head of a Sberbank branch.
Contact your nearest branch of Sberbank of Russia, with their passport. Bank employees will give you an application form and provide information about the kinds of Bank card rates and terms card.
Complete the application for the card by typing in your passport details and other information of importance to a positive decision. If you have any difficulties, please contact the Bank for clarification. The office will also be able to advise you on issues related to the receipt of the card, replace and restore in case of loss.
If you are an active Internet user, try to apply for a Bank card using the appropriate tab on the official website of Sberbank of Russia. Do not forget to choose your region and try to correctly fill in the details in the appropriate electronic form.
Wait until your application will be considered. Depending on the form of the chosen map, this period may be from one to several days. The simple map you will be able to execute and issue in the same day. Be sure to ask what the expiration date of your card after its expiry of this financial instrument will be invalid. As a rule, the replacement Bank card to the new is effected in any branch of the savings Bank upon presentation of the old card and passport.