You will need
  • - passport;
  • the money for the down payment (optional).
Selecting a Bank card which you want to make, type, and class of this product, contact its nearest branch and inform them about your desire. If, after a preliminary acquaintance with the conditions of issuance and servicing of cards you still have any questions, it's time to figure out all the paperwork.
Carefully read the documents that you propose to review (the contract, Bank fees, etc.). Ask them to clarify all the obscure points. Although a debit card, unlike creditNoah does not involve use of Bank money, only your relationship with credit institution - a financial question that could not be frivolous by definition.
If everything is clear and satisfied, sign the documents in the right places.
Card, if you have not paid its urgent issue (this service many banks offer for extra money) will be ready within weeks. This files most often have to pick her up at the Bank's office, after specifying the willingness on the phone. In some cases, it can also send to your specified email address.
If you connect to your Internet or mobile banking, you will also be issued access keys or steps to create them.