To order a Bank card, please contact any branch of Sberbank of Russia. Specify what kind of card you want to credit or debit. Credit allows you to use more funds than are on the map, but you have to return the money to the Bank within the contract period. If you don't do it in time, you will be fined in the end, you will have to return more than you took. Debit cards are safer in this sense - you can only dispose of the money contributed to the account.
Select the type of card you need. Sberbank releases of the most popular cards of two payment systems – Visa and MasterCard. If the card you need only to transfer her wages, you can stay on Visa Electron or MasterCard Maestro. These cards are the most cheap and popular, the cost of annual maintenance is about 300 rubles. You will be able to use them in Russia and abroad.
If you frequently make foreign trips, you need to map a higher – level Visa Classic or MasterCard Standard. These cards are better protected, moreover, you will find it easier to use them abroad due to the fact that these card types are supported by a large number of ATMs and outlets. The annual service fee for such cards will be about 1000 rubles a year.
There are more expensive cards, e.g., Visa Gold and MasterCard Gold. They are usually given to those who value status. Cards of these types have additional features that their owners get various bonuses and discounts in retail outlets around the world. But the cost of maintenance of such a card above.
After you choose the required card, the employee of the savings Bank will record your passport details and cell phone number. After that, you will have to wait one to two weeks before your card will be made. Upon receiving be sure to connect service "Mobile Bank", this will allow you to always be aware of all the abuses committed on your card transactions.
During the receipt and activate the card you will be given a sealed envelope with a pin code of your card. The pin is a four-digit security code is required to confirm that you are the card holder. In particular, the pin code must be entered when withdrawing money from an ATM. Never, under any circumstances, call anyone that code. Do not write it down on the map – in case of loss the finder map people will be able to easily take advantage of and withdraw all your money. Remember the pin-code envelope and keep it in a safe place protected from access of outsiders.