Advice 1: The pros and cons of the youth card of Sberbank

"Youth" card from Sberbank are intended for young people aged 14 years. As with all plastic cards, it has its characteristic advantages and disadvantages.
The pros and cons of the youth card of Sberbank

The description "Youth"

Map "Youth" can be released in two payment systems - Visa Classic and MasterCard standard. Distinguish between debit and credit cards. Cards are issued for a three year term. The cost of maintenance depends on the type of card and 150 rubles. per year for debit and 750 R. for credit.

Credit card is the interest rate at 24% and credit limit is determined individually for each client and ranges from 3 to 200 thousand.

To obtain a card you must contact the Bank branch, or fill in the form on the website of Sberbank. To obtain a debit card, the customer must be a citizen of the Russian Federation in the age from 14 till 25 years. In the number of documents requested includes only the passport. To apply for a credit card Bank also also ask for proof of income 2-pit, or a certificate of scholarship. Credit card is available only to full age citizens of the Russian Federation.

The advantages and disadvantages of the "Youth" card from Sberbank

"Youth" card from Sberbank can be produced with an individual design, i.e. the client can choose the image of the map. A credit card can make even the unemployed student and debit - available to students.

Credit cards come with a grace period of 50 days. In this period, you can use the borrowed funds without interest.

Another advantage of the card "Youth" is a free SMS-notification about all transactions on the account.

Like all cards of Sberbank Visa Classic and MasterCard standard, they provide the possibility of remote account management via the Internet-Bank "Sberbank Online", and also with your mobile phone or tablet ("Mobile banking"). "Youth" card can be tied to their electronic purses (WebMoney or Yandex.Money) to transfer funds between them in real time. This can be particularly popular among freelancers, who receive payments to e-wallets.

All card transactions are protected by 3D-secure (payment confirmation via SMS), which is an additional guarantee of safety of funds if you pay in the online store. The security card is further supported by the release of their format secure chipped cards.

On the cards is the bonus program "Thank you" for each payment by Bank transfer. Bonuses can be exchanged for discount in many shops-partners.

Among the disadvantages are the high cost of annual maintenance and Commission for cash withdrawals on credit cards (3%). It is important to note that unlike many other banks, in the savings Bank for a cash withdrawal does not extend the grace period. Another drawback is that for balance enquiry in third-party banks are charged a Commission of 15 R.

Advice 2: How to use a credit card of Sberbank

Credit card of Sberbank is a modern and affordable tool for financial transactions, unless, of course, deliberately and carefully to use it. To the use of the card was the most convenient, it is important to know simple rules and strictly comply with the requirements of the Bank.
How to use a credit card of Sberbank
You will need
  • - credit card;
  • - the passport.
When processing a credit card, always check whether the written data of the holder, namely a first and last name. This information is applied to the front surface of the card. Certainly put down your signature in the box on the reverse side of the card. Now she is ready to use.
If you wish to use a credit card for cashless payments, insert it into the ATM and use one of the functions, such as query balance. In General, the activation of the credit card automatically on the day following its execution. An activated card can be used in any places where accept payments for such a financial instrument.
Specify the size of a credit limit for your card type. To pay by card for goods and services only within predetermined limits. The amount of the credit limit usually has an individual character and depends on the income of the card holder.
Use credit card for settlement, and acquisition of necessary goods and services. Be prepared for the fact that when making such a purchase in the store you can ask for a passport. Credit cards can also be cashed. Note that for performing such operations through the ATM surcharge in the amount of 3% of the withdrawn amount. When you use the ATM of another Bank, the Commission can be higher.
To repay in a timely manner the resulting credit card debt to Sberbank. If you return the money to the card account before the expiration of the grace period, you will not have to pay for the use of funds.
If you are an active Internet user, you can use the card to pay for goods purchased over a computer network. Observe with care, enter personal information only on sites with a solid reputation.
Please call the customer service center of Sberbank, if you are using a card you have questions. Here you can see how the funds are debited from the card, what are the limitations in its use, as in the case of card loss.
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