Select the suitable plastic card. Today Sberbank offers a wide selection of debit cards that target any category and for any customer needs.Sberbank-MAESTRO /Sberbank-VISA ELECTRON - standard and low-cost Bank card.VISA CLASSIC & MASTERCARD STANDARD - a standard debit card.VISA & MASTERCARD individual design feature of the proposal that you yourself can choose what you want to see your credit card. Otherwise, the map has the standard functionality.VISA GOLD / CLASSIC "GIFT of LIFE" - a debit card with charity program. Part of their income, the savings Bank transferred to the Fund to help children with serious diseases "gift of life": 50% of the cost of annual maintenance, 0.3% of every purchase.GOLD / MASTERCARD STANDARD MTS - MTS subscribers participating in the program MTS bonus.VISA GOLD / CLASSIC "AEROFLOT" - for the passengers of "Aeroflot" and participants of the program "Aeroflot bonus".VISA & MASTERCARD GOLD - a solid plastic card for wealthy people seeking to emphasize their high status.Sberbank-MAESTRO "MOMENTUM" - a free plastic card of Sberbankis issued at the time of treatment, but has limited functionality. Usually the card is used as a temporary payment instrument.Sberkart card with a microprocessor that makes it as safe as possible. The card is issued in the same day.
Complete the application in one of the branches of Sberbank of Russia. Order card VISA & MASTERCARD with individual design directly on the website of the Bank. During filling of application form, pay attention to additional services, such as, for example, "Mobile banking". If you don't need them, just give up.
The court of appeals. Within 10 days the Bank needs to consider your application and make a decision about the possibility or impossibility of issue you the card of the selected type.
Obtain credit card. The map of the savings Bank must be issued within 10 days of a positive decision. In the Moscow and Leningrad regions, the maximum period is 7 days.