You will need
  • -passport with the registration in the service area of a Bank branch;
  • the money for the down payment;
  • - additional documents, if you place a credit card.
Select the mapyou would like to open. Learn about the difference between cards of different systems, classes, types, and types and conditions of service, rates in every case you can at the official site of the savings Bank or in any office of the consultants.
Rates may vary depending on the region where higher living standards and incomes, there is more.
Please contact a Bank branch that is nearest to the address of your registration at place of residence (there may be several, especially in big cities) and inform the operator about his desire to open a particular map.
Show the teller your passport.
If you need a credit card, you will need additional documents. The list can be found on the website of the Bank or to his office. In other cases, a passport is sufficient.
Carefully read the agreement and other offered documents, especially the fine print, ask the operator if something is not clear.
If everything is clear and satisfied - put the signature.
Make the initial payment invoice, which will attach future map. Officially declared that its size at the client's discretion, but in practice usually need amount not less than the cost of annual servicing of the card.
Depending on the branch, the teller will take the money myself or will direct you to the cashier.
Called the operator in time come to the Department for ready-made card and a PIN code to it. Sign in the designated field on the back of the card. If activation is required, the operator will instruct you how to do it.
Remember the PIN-code and destroy (rather burn) the paper on which it is written. These numbers no one should know except you.