Bank cards with individual design

For a person distinctive the pursuit of individuality and desire to stand out. This fact has prompted marketers of large banks on the idea to add an element of originality and individuality in an ordinary Bank card. As a result, many banks began issuing cards with individual design created by the client. This innovation was favourably received, and now more and more customers order a Bank card with an original and interesting design. Sberbank also provides such a service.

The original design for the Bank plastic cards Visa or Mastercard is applied to the front side of the card (where the name and surname of the owner, card number and date of expiration). Choose an image to your map from the list provided photos and pictures on the website of the Bank. And also the client has the ability to upload any image.

Before actually ordering the interactive map will appear on the computer monitor of the user, and the client will be able to edit the image if necessary.

How to order?

The process of ordering cards with individual design is very simple and available to all clients of the savings Bank with access to the Internet. To make a booking, on the website of the savings Bank must choose the section "personal banking/Banking card/Debit/Card with individual design" and answer 8 easy questions that require step by step instructions.

This service will cost a Bank customer 500 rubles (payment is made only once before the actual release of the card), and 750 rubles will have to pay for annual maintenance.

It should be noted that the savings for individual design provides only a debit card. For a credit card or a card of a higher category of such service, unfortunately, does not apply.

The results ordered by the customer card will be in the Department of Sberbank, specify when ordering. When making maps you should know one important point – there are a number of constraints on images. Not allowed to use pictures with different brands, with political calls, advertising of alcohol and tobacco, with images of a sexual nature, banknotes, coins, weapons, addresses and phone numbers, medals and religious symbols. These restrictions are itemized in detail on the website of the savings Bank, and anyone can read them.