You will need
  • - passport;
  • - money for annual service of card (minimum 300 rubles).
Decide what Bank product you are interested in. Today Sberbank offers a wide range of debit cards. Special youth card, to pay for online purchases, the savings card attached to the "Aeroflot-bonus" privileged Visa Gold with an expanded feature list, popular Visa Classic – this is not a complete list of card products of the Bank. Each of the cards, their advantages and limitations, a list of them you can find on the official website of the savings Bank or from a conversation with the consultant. Whatever map you choose, the acquisition algorithm will be the same.
To open the map, please contact any branch of Sberbank. Your name is on the account, to which you later attach your card. Procedure fill in the application on issue of a card will do a Bank employee. You only need to present a passport. The whole procedure of filling of documents does not take more than 20 minutes.
After filling the documents pay the fee for service card. The most economical option, which offers Sberbank – Visa Electron card (300 rubles for annual maintenance). Service Visa Glassic costs 700 rubles a year. If you want to get extra service – for example, SMS-alerts, check the rate, it is paid separately. However, in advance will not have to pay the money subsequently debited from your card.
Half an hour later, your account is considered active. However, to received the money or transfer them yourself, it will be possible only through the operator of the Bank. For the card issue will take time 7-10 days.
After 10 days, go to the Department that issued your card. You will be given the card and envelope with the pin code. Don't forget to put your signature in a special box on the reverse side of the card. Without it, the map is considered invalid and you may refuse to accept payment.