You will need
  • • Passport card holder
  • • Map of the savings Bank, to be exchanged
For renewal as sberkart card re-issuance not required. You just come with a map as sberkart and passport at the office of Sberbank, where they received the card, fill the application form and map prolonged for a specified period of time. If desired, during the procedure of extending the card you will be able to change the pin code.
The expiry date of the cards of international payment systems indicated on the front side of the card. At the end of this month, the card stops deistvovat and must be replaced. As a rule, the Sberbank carries out re-issue plastic cards automatically without prior request. Exceptions may be if the map was no movement of funds, i.e. it is not used throughout the period. But the map in any case would be re-released may, during the normal period of release (2-3 weeks).
At the expiration with a map and passport, you must appear at the office of the savings Bankwhere the card was issued. As a rule, the card in your name should already be in the Bank vault. The old map is destroyed in front of you, and in return you get a new one. Current account card and number you remain the same. Also, you will be given an envelope with a new pin code. The balance of funds held on the account the old card is automatically transferred to the new one. New you can use the card immediately after receipt.