Please contact any branch of Sberbank of the Russian Federation. Best of all, if it is located near where you live or where you work.
Choose your card type, consultation with a specialist. Keep in mind that some cards eat free, for others you have to pay. Amount of plastic card is usually not more than 10-30$ a year. For example, for card maintenance Maestro you do not need to pay anything, and for my Visa card (which you will be able to make payments on foreign online auctions) service cost is 700 rubles for the first year and 450 rubles for each subsequent.
Complete the application form indicating your personal details, telephone and address. You also need to choose and specify a password to access the map. You will be given details of your account, which you can already let your employer for payroll. Please note the field "account number" and "credit card number": for payroll, the employer is needed is the account number.
Term of manufacturing of a card depends on its type, but usually no more than 5-7 working days. After the expiration of this period re-contact a Bank to get a card. Along with the card in the sealed envelope you will receive the four-digit pin code to operate the card. You will also be asked to connect service "mobile Bank" (the first 3 months you will receive sms about the movements of funds in your account for free, and then for this service will be charged the monthly fee of $ 15 per month - funds for this service are debited from the card).
Plastic card of Sberbank is issued for a period of 3 years: the expiration date indicated on the front side of the card. After the end of active expiration, you should contact the branch of the savings Bank with the request for reissuance of the card: this will change only the card number and account number will remain unchanged. When re-issue card information to accounting at the place of work are required.
In case making a salary card of the savings Bank assumes the employer (in some organizations, the procedure is centralized), make sure that the envelope with the application form which contains your password for access, securely sealed. In such a situation could use some reassurance: after receiving the card in hands are encouraged to contact the branch of the savings Bank with the request about the password change.