You will need
  • - passport;
  • the money for the down payment (not in all cases);
  • - fountain pen.
Select the type of card you are going to open. Along with the well-known international systems Visa and MasterCard, Sberbank, for example, offers its own system Sbercard. However, in General it is less popular with customers because of limited application possibilities.
Basic information on specific types of cards, the tariffs for their services and the conditions for the issuance you can obtain on the website of Sberbank (don't forget to choose your region, since the rates in different localities may vary)or the consultant directly to the branch.
Visit the Bank with your passport and with the conditions of the first installment on selected card is sufficient for him.
The savings Bank without problems opens the card those registered in the service area of a specific Department. In other cases, the decision taken by the head of the Department, who may refuse.
Notify us of your desire to open the map operator, the type name and the class you are interested in the product. If you have not made a decision, ask for additional advice, ask your questions.
Operator based on the information in your passport, write a contract and other necessary documents and will offer you to sign them. Read them carefully, especially if you place a credit cardbefore you put your signature.
If the conditions for issuing cards require the first contribution, give the required amount to the teller. In some offices you have to defend a separate queue at the cashier. If you wish, you can make the map more than the minimum payment.
Taking your documents, the representative will let you know when you will be able to visit the office to pick up the card. At this visit you will also need to have a passport.