Any dance is, first and foremost, the transmission of emotions, feelings and special atmosphere to the viewer. Think about what the purpose of your new dance, and what feelings it will cause.
Choose music that best reflects your vision and mood. Listen to it several times, even if at first you do not understand exactly how to start the dance, don't worry – you can start to come up with a statement with the middle, or even at the end.
As soon as you think of an interesting movement or ligament – fix it to the desired musical moment, and later you collect all the bundles together, combining them into a General outline of the dance.
If you put a group dance, inventing several ligaments, try to learn them together with my dance group, so that people began to remember the motion and transitions between them. Most often the construction of the dance is for eight accounts – follow this rhythm in the process of building movements.
Working on the dance, remember that dance, like any other work of art should contain three aspects – the introduction, the middle point of the development and the ending. The dance must be the climax, marked by more emotional chords, complicated movements and more intense music.
Do not forget that the way dance is always complemented by a dancer, and therefore, the suit of the dancer or group of dancers have to conform to the General mood and idea of your performances. Come seriously to the development of a sketch of costumes. They should be comfortable for dance and movement, and beautiful and relevant idea.