You will need
  • manuals;
  • - grammar reference.
Start preparing for the exam in advance. Choose tutorials according to the type and level of the exam. If you are preparing for the exam, purchase the latest edition of the workbook - type tasks in this exam can vary greatly from year to year.
Also find an appropriate reference grammar of the Russian language. In any case, you will need a spelling dictionary to check the spelling of words. When preparing to use additional reference books on punctuation and syntax, if such assignments will be included in the exam.
Examine examples of tasks for the exam. If this is a test, follow as many similar tasks to understand what is required of you. When difficulties occur, repeat the relevant rules on double consonants, the placement of commas in complex sentences, and others.
If the exam includes a presentation, learn how to perform this type of task. The statement provides a written retelling of the text. Practice in performing this task with the help of relatives and acquaintances - they need out loud 2-3 times to read the text, and you need it to correctly describe in writing.
If you need to write an essay on exam find out in which format you want to perform the text - how many words or pages you need to write. Also, check on the basis of what will be written essay - specific works of passage from him, or given a common theme with attraction of various sources.
When preparing a re-read or at least repeat the content of the main works of the school program. It is also useful to learn or repeat a few poems, excerpts of which can be used as quotes that confirm your opinion in the essay.
If there is such a possibility, take a trial exam. On the basis of its results, you will be able to make "mistakes" and improve your results.
Before the exam go to bed early. If you have a good night's sleep, it will positively affect the brain during the test or essay.