Of course, for people with a phenomenal memory learning foreign languages is not a problem. They quickly learn not only languages, but many other things. However, mere mortals had difficulty mastering the vocabulary, writing system, even the stylistic features caught on the fly. More difficult is the study of the grammatical structure of the language, because here you need to be able not just learn, but also to analyze serrated. Different will be studying "great and mighty" foreigners and Russian-speaking (and the latter is sometimes very, very necessary). No need to say that an important role in the study of any subject, including the Russian language plays the will and desire to learn.
So first you need to decide what positions to approach the study of the Russian language. If the program is compiled for foreigners, it is unlikely that you will be able to teach them Russian in full for a short time. But the main speech formulas, elementary grammar can be learned. The main, the most appropriate values for the cases necessary for the understanding of speech formulas, basic verbs, cliché - that's what you can teach a man. It is obvious that to understand complex texts, for free conversation and discussion of problematic topics need a much longer course.
For foreigners, of course, most importantly immersion. Master Russian faster so that could come directly to Russia and was active here in the target language. Plays a huge role here, and a love of the subject. Language can be studied quite effectively, and the house is sitting, while, at the same time, you can come to Russia and spend all day chatting with their compatriots or with foreigners in English.
If you have already started learning Russian language, has reached a certain level, stood on the site and looking for ways to move on, then you need continuing the active study of grammar, to communicate more with native speakers. So internalized grammatical rules will immediately gain a foothold in practice. It is also helpful at first to communicate with people in written form (for example, icq or other programs). So you will be clearer to those phrases, which in speech will fly misunderstood. You learn them and then be able to go to a live conversation.