You will need
  • password and login for access to your personal account.
First get the password and login for access to the personal account of the payer. This is one of those who registered in the apartment must go with your passport to the billing center GU is. Contact officer clearing centre with the request to grant access to your personal account. Within a few minutes you will have a printed sheet with data and necessary information. In this case you will need to sign the consent to the processing of personal data via the Internet. In fact, under these data and refers to the readings of the meters, any personal information was not required.
Go to the website listed on the sheet given to you at the settlement center. Look for a tab or menu item "my account". Enter the username, usually it's the code of the payer, which can be viewed in sending you the receipts for payment of utility bills. Payer code is on the receipt under the payment period. It is also printed on the sheet information. Enter the password that you generated in the design center. Specify the district of the city, if necessary.
Going into the personal account of the payer, you can specify the data counters for hot and cold water. Better to do it the last day of the month, especially because you now have time to do it before next month, not in a hurry to catch up to the 25 th. In addition, you can view your payment and debt receipts for past periods. You can change the password to something more memorable. Moreover, the password is changed every few months. If you lose your password, refer back to the billing center.